Alpacas for Sale

All female alpacas sold with a fertility guarantee. All pregnant females sold with a live birth guarantee. All stud males sold with a fertility guarantee.

Female Alpacas
NameColourBornPrice*More info?
Buckland Confetti SW 20194000
Buckland Gaytime SLF 20193500
Buckland Rich Girl SW 20184000
Buckland Ruby Tuesday SW 20183000
Buckland Sunset Strip ET SRG 20175500
Male Alpacas
NameColourBornPrice*More info?
Buckland Cliffhanger SMF 20183000
Buckland Ducati SMF 20173500
Buckland Giacomo ET SRG 20178000
Buckland Sundown ET SMBR 2017POA
WETHERS SW 2011400

*Prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST, which applies to sales within Australia.